The Buddy System Hands Free Leash

The Buddy System Hands Free Leash
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The Buddy System Hands Free Leash System™ is an innovative, hands free leash designed for walkers, runners, hikers…anyone who wants both hands free, yet, desires to take along their best friend.


The Buddy System Hands Free Leash System™ is set apart from other hands-free leash systems by its built in safety mechanisms and the ability to store the unused leash on the belt when the dog is off-leash. This Buddy Systems is available in 2 versions:

  1. the Regular Dog System (for dogs greater than 20 pounds) and
  2. the Small Dog System (for dogs less than 20 pounds).

The basic leash system includes an adjustable belt, adjustable leash, 2 belt attachments, and collar attachment. The Regular Dog System is available in 6 colors, including 2 reflective colors, and 3 adjustable belt sizes which can accommodate waists from 22” to 60”.
The Small Dog System is offered only in Black with 1 adjustable belt size accommodating waists from 27 to 50. 
Special Features:

  • Adjustable Leash allows for any length between 22” and 40” or can be adjusted such that a handle can be created and the leash converted to a traditional hand-held leash
  • Quick Release mechanism at belt so leash can be released immediately from waist in case of emergency
  • Leash designed to move completely around the belt to prevent tangling
  • Quick Release Mechanism on collar piece and on belt allows the dog to be released and the free end of the leash to be attached to the belt and out of the way but easily accessible.

Belt Sizes Sm 27-50"  Leash 33-60"

med 22-40"               med-xl 22-40"

lg 27-40"

xl 33-60"

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