Pet Safe Stratos Under 10 Lb Dogs

Pet Safe Stratos Under 10 Lb Dogs
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  • Manufacturer: Pet safe

Busy Buddy Ultra Stratos Dog Toy

Determined doggy, meet your match! The Busy Buddy Ultra Stratos Dog Toy is the toughest treat-dispensing chew yet. Ultra-thick rawhide rings fit perfectly around the grooves and ridges and make it tough for pets to break them off. When they finally do, they're rewarded with a long-lasting rawhide and a reason to keep on chewing when pet parents are away at work. 

Key Benefits

  • Made from nylon and durable vanilla-scented rubber
  • Ends unscrew so rawhide treat rings can be replaced again and again
  • Great for pets who suffer from separation anxiety
  • Holds 2 Ultra rawhide rings
  • 4 Ultra-thick rawhide treat rings included
  • Additional rawhide treat ring refills sold separately
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only


  • Small for dogs under 10 pounds
  • Medium for dogs 10-50 pounds
  • Large for dogs over 50 pounds 
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