PB- Original Poop Bags

PB- Original Poop Bags
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  • Manufacturer: PB original

8x12" .5 MIL thickness 60 count roll

Earth Rated PoopBags Compostable Bags Refill Pack

These PoopBags are for those scoopers who want to go green all the way! Made of all natural ingredients with no enhancements to speed up the decomposition process. While these cost a few pennies more, they're made of 100% renewable resources and dissolve in as little as 40 days. Our unscented compostable bags are corn-based meet the gold eco-certification standard ASTM 6400, recognized & approved by the US Composting Council. Refill pack includes 4 rolls of 15 bags each (60 rolls total, bag size = 9" x 13").

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