Orijen Adult Freeze Dried Dog Food 6oz

Orijen Adult Freeze Dried Dog Food 6oz
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  • Manufacturer: Orijen

Chicken (ground with bone)*, turkey (ground with bone)*, whole herring*, chicken liver*, chicken heart*, whole eggs*, spinach greens*, pea fiber, turkey liver*, turkey heart*, whole flounder*, ground sunflower seeds, Red Delicious apples*, Bartlett pears*, Red Heart plums*, Tilton apricots*, pumpkin*, Butternut Squash*, Imperator carrots*, cranberries*, blackberries*, blueberries*, kelp*, mixed tocopherols, chicory root, dandelion root, summer savory, peppermint leaf*, ginger root*, zinc proteinate, iron proteinate, copper proteinate, manganese proteinate. * DELIVERED FRESH, preservative-free and never frozen

Orijen Adult Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Evolved as carnivores, all dogs are biologically adapted to thrive on a varied diet of fresh whole meats with small amounts of fresh fruits, berries, and grasses. That’s why Orijen Adult Freeze-Dried Dog Food is loaded with meat ingredients (90%), including a Biologically Appropriate symphony of cage-free chicken, turkey and nest-laid eggs from local farms, plus wild-caught herring and flounder from North Vancouver Island — all delivered to Orijen's kitchen fresh, where they’re flash frozen and gently freeze-dried to lock in their goodness and taste. Brimming with goodness to nourish your dog completely, Orijen Adult Freeze-Dried Dog Food features poultry and fish in authentic Whole Prey ratios — including richly nourishing liver and heart, marrow and cartilage which supply essential vitamins and minerals in natural form, dramatically reducing the need for synthetic ingredients in Orijen foods.

Key Benefits

  • Freeze-dried to lock in flavor and nutritional value
  • Made without preservatives
  • Balanced meal perfect for daily feeding
  • High-protein, low-carbohydrate formula
  • Using the table below as an initial guide, feed approximately 4% of your dog’s weight in reconstituted food daily. Feel free to supplement with the occasional raw meaty bone. WEIGHT OF DOG MEDALLIONS PER DAY 2 kg / 4 ½ lb 1 ½ 3kg / 6 ½ lb 2 5 kg / 11 lb 3 7 kg / 15 ½ lb 3 ¾ 11 kg / 24 lb 5 ¼ 15 kg / 33 lb 6 ½ For your dog to enjoy ORIJEN’s amazing fresh food flavors to the fullest, rehydrate orijen freeze dried foods by adding 1/4 cup (4 tbsp) (60ml) of warm water per medallion, wait 2-3 minutes and serve. HAVE A LARGER DOG? For each 5kgs/11lbs of additional body weight feed 1 1/2 additional medallions daily PUPPIES AND PREGNANT DOGS? PUPPIES: up to 50% grown feed twice adult amount, 50-75% grown feed 1½ times the adult amount, and 75-100% grown feed 1¼ times the adult amount. GESTATION: add ½ extra medallion per 5kgs of mothers body weight per day. Lactation: feed free choice. LEFTOVERS In the unlikely event of leftovers, we recommend refrigerating them immediately and discarding any leftovers older than three days.
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