Chuckit Large Ball launcher W/ Sport Ball

Chuckit Large Ball launcher W/ Sport Ball
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  • Manufacturer: Chuckit

Chuckit! large ball Launcher

Look as good as you throw! The new Chuckit! Ball Launcher has a sporty new look and an improved grip, making it possible to launch the ball with more accuracy, distance, and - most importantly - style than ever before. You'll help your dog exercise in a fraction of the time and never have to touch a just-drooled-on tennis ball again. The Sport Ball large ball Launcher comes with one ball.

Key Benefits

  • Includes one Fetch Ball
  • Exercise your dog while saving your arm
  • No more hands full of slobber
  • Lightweight, durable design features a premium, cushioned grip and new style
  • Colors vary (Blue, Green or Orange) -
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