Canine Activ Large Breed Pain relief

Bottle of 90 (300 mg) capsules for large/giant size dogs (65+ lbs). 

Use to relieve pain and inflammation and help increase mobility. Can be used as a preventative before activity.

Studies of CanineActiv revealed the following advantages:

  1. Compared to supplements such as glucosamine, CanineActiv provides faster and more robust pain relief.
  2. Compared to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), CanineActiv provides comparable levels of relief, but has no known side effects.

The list of health warnings associated with using ibuprofen & NSAIDs for dogs include the following:

  • Can irritate or upset a dog’s stomach.
  • Can cause stomach and duodenal ulcers.
  • Not recommended for long-term use (such as for osteoarthritis).
  • Negative effects on joint cartilage.
  • Shouldn’t be given to dogs with bleeding or clotting disorders.
  • Should be stopped at least one week before a dog has surgery.
  • Should not be used during pregnancy.
  • Can lead to an accumulation of dangerous products in the dog’s body.
  • Often are prescribed with additional medications (and additional cost) that combat the side effects of the original drug.
  • Can cause serious complications if combined with corticosteroids.
  • Should not be given to a dog until the dog has preliminary blood work done. (And this blood work should be repeated every 3–6 months as long as the dog continues to take NSAIDs.)
  • Can cause liver damage.
  • Can cause kidney damage.


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