Buddy Splash Original 4 oz Coat spray

Buddy  Splash Original  4 oz Coat spray
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  • Manufacturer: Buddy wash

 Leave in coat conditioning spray, pleasant mild scent.It’s great to be a dog, but not so great to smell like one. When your furry friend could use some freshening, reach for Buddy Splash. A couple of quick sprays will deodorize and condition, leaving your dog perfectly huggable once again. Use it to freshen your dog’s bedding, too!

  • All natural
  • Made with pure botanical extracts and natural conditioners
  • Use as a leave-in conditioner or between baths as an instant deodorizer
  • Deodorizes, softens and refreshes
  • Made in USA
  • Available in three scents:  Lavender & Mint, Rosemary & Mint, and Green Tea & BergamotLavender & Mint Buddy Splash Ingredients:
    Deionized water, natural conditioner base, aloe vera juice, essence of lavender, essence of mint, wheat protein extract, vitamin C, vitamin B5.
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