Bravo Pig Ear

Bravo Pig Ear
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  • Manufacturer: Bravo

 Bravo! Pigs Ears
There are pigs ears and there are Bravo! Pigs Ears. Bravo! Pigs Ears are bigger, thicker and USA-sourced. Bravo! Pigs Ears are made from ingredients sourced from USDA-inspected plants producing human grade protein and dry roasted in our family-owned facility. Since our pigs ears are big and thick, they are safer. The dog is less likely to chew off and swallow a large piece or the whole chew. Next time you go to buy a pigs ear for your dog, ask to see a Bravo! Pigs Ear and compare it to any other pigs ear in the store. You will see the Bravo! quality difference.

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