6 Inch No Stink Bully Stick {LIMIT 6} **SALE ITEM

6 Inch No Stink Bully Stick {LIMIT 6} **SALE ITEM
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  • Manufacturer: Go Go Dog

 -All natural chews with no additives or preservatives 
-No-odor bully sticks & steer sticks 
-Long lasting, non-staining chews 
-Bullies are sourced from South America and the USA 
-Steer sticks are only from the USA, and label says "Made in the USA" 
-All material is bought fresh-frozen and processed in the United States 
-Variety available for puppies & dogs of all sizes & ages 
-Ideal for occupying active chewers and helping to keep teeth clean 
-Chewing removes tartar build up, promoting healthy teeth & gums 

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